Humble & Fred 102.1 CFNY Toronto | March 21, 1991

Humble & Fred
CFNY's "Humble" Howard Glassman & Fred Patterson
Humble & Fred
CFNY’s “Humble” Howard Glassman & Fred Patterson

Recording Date: 03.21.1991
Station: 102.1 CFNY (Brampton) Toronto, Ontario
Format: Modern Rock
Branding: “FM 102
Featured Air Personalities: “Humble” Howard Glassman, Fred Patterson (Wikipedia) (Website)
Owner (At time of recording): Maclean Hunter (Present) Corus Entertainment
Contributor: Russ Horton
Total Time: 35:54 (Telescoped)



This just in… Humble Howard taking a course in English…

This is aircheck #1,560

Curator’s Notes:

There is much relevant historical data that relates to this recording of “Humble & Fred“, tracing this show back to it’s roots, nearly at the beginning of their long run as first, a local CFNY Toronto show, then nationally in Canada and across North America on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. In addition to their radio appearances each morning, the duo has their own website which features artist/Hollywood fluff stuff news and material discussed on their radio show.

But the real feature here, isn’t so much Humble & Fred, it’s the station, 102.1 CFNY. We at this website exist to feature RADIO stations, and this recording doesn’t disappoint. We’ll warn you right off. This is *NOT* a “Top 40” aircheck, but rather, one that has the approach of your typical FM morning show in any given city. Think Ryan Seacrest, only a lot BETTER. What music is heard on this recording – telescoped, of course – is the typical 90s Alternative and Modern Rock fare. CFNY once had nearly an exclusive on this brand of music, but as the decade of the 90s wore on, the genre went mainstream and the station’s exclusivity in the format lessened… but not necessarily the station’s popularity.

Here’s the station’s logo from approximately the same era

102.1 FM Toronto, CFNY
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