Hy Lit, 104.5 WSNI Philadelphia | May 18, 1985

104.5 Philadelphia WSNI

The late, legendary Hy Lit is featured in this Saturday night oldies show hosted by him. Notables: WSNI is an AC formatted station that does Oldies during weekends. Listen carefully to the (brief) glimpses of music and you’ll know instantly that Lit brought in RECORDS for this event… some scratches come through.!

Probably best known for his time at WIBG, Hy Lit passed away in 2007 after 3 decades in radio.

104.5 WSNI Philadelphia


  1. HCC

    Hyski was on the airwave for over 5 DECADES… the first two decades have been chronicled in the book “The Hy Lit Story” along with Aircheck CD’s, from HyLitRadio.com!!! More TO Come!

  2. David

    Hy also did AC–WSNI’s primary format–while at the station. Not to mention that he also hosted a show on its sister station WPGR, which was a daytime station that played oldies full-time (the latter is now ethnic [in this context meaning “multi-ethnic”] WNWR).

    • David

      Oh–his oldies show was simulcast on both WSNI and WPGR from its early-evening start time until sunset, particularly during most of Daylight Saving Time. At sunset, after WPGR had signed off for the night, the show was broadcast exclusively on WSNI.

  3. Alan Rosenfeld

    It was a funny and weird situation with philly radio in the early to mid 80’s–PHILA WAS MISSING A FULLBLOWN MASS APPEAL FM OLDIES STATION

  4. R Arney

    When Hi talks he sings. No wonder jb was worried when he came back in town

    • Alan Rosenfeld

      Hyski does FORMAT RADIO—Hyski went to WOGL in feb 1989 CBS offered him a 6 figure salary–JB DOESN’T DO FORMAT RADIO—he doesn’t want to be a BIG FISH IN A BIG POND–HE WANTS TO BE A BIG FISH IN A LITTLE POND

  5. Bob Patterson II

    I miss Hy Lit.

  6. Michael McDevitt

    It was my Pleasure working with Hy Lit my mentoir

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