September 18, 2021

3 thoughts on “Sample: WWDC Washington DC | July 15, 1999

  1. does anyone have tapes of the original WWDC AM 1260 when it was a pop music station? I was told it was the first U-S radio station to ever play a Beatles record that was flown over from England by a friend of the late DJ Carroll James in 1963.

  2. First DC-101 ‘check I ever heard. At points, I heard what I thought was static: maybe it was something else. At :54, was that the tail end of “Nookie”? Also, what was the song (again, the tail end, as I know this and most other ‘checks are scoped): that comes up at 1:09? I enjoyed the little I heard of it. The McDonald’s “Did Somebody say McDonalds?” jogged my memory: I’d forgotten that slogan. One other thing, I forget where it was, but I remember AT&T’s “00 it’s magic” jingle. Pilot did that number in late ’74: a few years back (2010, maybe?), Selena Gomez covered it. Sorry for being so wordy, but I had quite a few comments to make on this ‘check.

    1. You did hear static. What I didn’t write in the description but perhaps should have, is that this tape was obviously recorded some distance from Washington. It appears to have been recorded on the fringe of WWDC-FM’s signal area. Also, being that this was recorded in the month of July, there is a phenomenon that FM DX’ers and Ham Radio Operators know as Tropospheric Ducting. For those who don’t understand such things, basically, a temperature inversion occurs in the lower atmosphere, enhanced by higher humidity. Often, this causes reception of and/or interference by stations much further away than under normal circumstanes. Not to be confused by a different propagation anomaly called Sporadic E, which, without going into a long explanation (I gotta go to work in a moment), can cause reception of commercial FM (and even public service bands) stations hundreds or sometimes over a thousand miles away! Someone will surely be along to explain further, but it suffices to say, Tropo is at work on this recording… and that in itself is a whole hobby that some people enjoy immensely!

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