September 23, 2021

4 thoughts on “Isaac Shane, 900 CKTS Sherbrooke, Quebec | 1978

  1. I now have a better handle on the date of this aircheck. The four WHA teams were voted into League on March 30, 1979.

  2. I used to listen to CKTS here in northern New Hampshire regularly. In fact, i have somewhere New Year’s Eve 1985 I recorded over CKTS. My wife and I still visit Sherbrooke regularly and on the night you recorded this in 1979 I could have been at Disco-Rolle (roller skating) or Club 2001 on Wellington Street. Great memories!

  3. One more note–Shane mentions in this aircheck that it was just confirmed that the Bee Gees would be appearing at the Forum in Montreal that summer. I got tickets to that show (bought at the Ticketron in Sherbrooke). I was around Labor Day 1979 and my wife and I went. The Forum was packed. The Bee Gees were at the height of their “Saturday Night Fever” fame–it was a great show and the three brothers were dressed in white. So cool to hear this audio trip back to that time and place!

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