Isaac Shane

Isaac Shane, 900 CKTS Sherbrooke, Quebec | 1978

Station: 900 CKTS (Defunct) Sherbrooke, Quebec (Wikipedia) Format: Top 40 Branded: “Music Radio” Featured Air Personality: Isaac Shane (Shaneblum) (CKTS/CJMQ/HitOldies) Contributor: Daniel Coulombe Related Personalities: Ted Silver, Frank Cavallaro Aircheck #1603   I want you to remember, four letters… the KEY to the albums and the best music! Voluntary Subscription Options Yearly Subscription : $80.00 USD – yearlyMonthly : $10.00 USD – monthlyWeekly : $3.00 USD – weekly Curator’s Notes: While the audio on this is low fidelity (just imagine listening on an old AM radio and you’ll get past it), the talent featured here is extraordinary!  Isaac Shane was on CKTS for many years.  Here, he’s holding down the Afternoon Drive for regular...

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