Jackson Armstrong, 610 KFRC San Francisco | January, 1983

610 San Francisco KFRC

Jackson Armstrong

Possibly, POSSIBLY coming out of the sealed (for now) archives of the Aircheck FactoryRuss Horton will never tell… Here’s Jack Armstrong minus the GO-RILLA on MY personal favorite Top 40 station, EVER, 610 KFRC! So much my favorite, I purchased a novelty callsign to go with my ham station – K1FRC! That’s a different story.

Whether this one will see the light of day on our YouTube Channel is questionable, since so much of the presentation allows too much music for that platform – and I don’t care to get banned this far into the project. Still, you can enjoy this piece of radio heaven right here. Its SO good, and even ‘scoped down, its 10 minutes and 45 seconds. Just long enough to hit “play” while you’re in line at the Dunkin’ drive through waiting for your morning coffee!

Ok. You wanted to know. The audio fidelity is good. It could be excellent, except for that confounded tape rumble behind the news and traffic reports. I could take that out, but then the tape would sound muffled and that would reduce your listening pleasure. Although…. for future reference, my next batch of mastering tools will make that a mute point going forward- but that costs money, and that’s the subject of my next post. You’re not gonna like it, but how else am I going to pay for upgrades and the basic hosting bill? I mean, nobody donates anymore (as in, not one donation on the site since last February- so my hand is forced). You’ll see what I mean later this week.

For now, enjoy Jackson Armstrong on KFRC!


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