Jade Alexander, ‘Thursday Evening’ on WHYI “Y100” Miami | September 17, 1996

100.7 Miami Ft. Lauderdale, South Florida, Y100, WHYI, CHR, Jade Alexander, Kenny Walker, 1990s, 1996

Its not often we post 1990s CHR airchecks, but this one is notable for some less than obvious reasons. First, it came in on a cassette (digital airchecking wouldn’t really become mainstream for about 10 years from this). Second, this is NOT a morning show, but a late afternoon show, transitioning into a live 7-midnight show – how often are there live NIGHT shows these days?.

Scott Shannon is the imaging voice for Y100, and you’ll also note lots of commercials for area dance clubs… this IS the Ft. Lauderdale vacation spot, after all!

The music mix on Y100, at least on THIS recording, is right in the center – dance, mainstream hits, even teen stuff – just who, after about 1999, ever wanted to hear Hanson – “Mmmm Bop” again? Y100 plays it all, and if this 7 minute scope is indicative of the rest of the broadcast day, the station was a winner in most respects!

You’ll hear a few breaks from Jade Alexander, then the imaging for Kenny Walker’s night show, but unfortunately, none of Kenny himself, as the tape runs out before he arrives, live from a nightclub somewhere on the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale strip.

100.7 FM Miami Ft. Lauderdale South Florida Y100 WHYI Jade Alexander Kenny Walker Scott Shannon


  1. Steven Green

    Y-100 started their format on 8-3-73 and continues. That is amazing. So many legendary personalities have been heard on that station.

    • Yep, Steven you’re right. I didn’t post the station history – it’s out there on the web for someone to find out on their own. Still, it’s been an amazing station over the years. Sadly, the last few years has seen Clear Channel gut the place. Only the morning show is live, everyone else on the station is voicetracked – much of it from Z100 NYC. Most of Clear Channel’s CHRs all have the same jocks from different markets. Most is outsourced. Elvis Duran is on everywhere… I can’t even keep track of them all. The history, though… that’s all that’s left of most of these CHRs and music which has become virtually unlistenable. No Rock whatsoever, everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) is based upon a 17 year old female audience, the music, the imaging… and it’s a very dumbed down audience that talks mainly street language and who dress like hooches that these former LEGENDARY CHR stations program to. Sad. but an indication of where the whole industry is going. Really makes me miss WABC in its glory years.

    • Howard Quinton

      Wrong guy! Go back and research your radio history of Y100, it was in the later part of 72.

  2. Dave

    The voice guy is Mark Driscoll, not Scott Shannon.

  3. Joe C.

    The voice was indeed Mark Driscoll, produced by Chris Hudspeth and myself.

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