Jeff Davis, MusicRadio WLS “AM Stereo 89” Chicago | January 23, 1985

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No matter what anyone says about how WLS disintegrated in the mid-80s, this aircheck proves that as 1985 began, WLS was still Chicago’s ENORMOUS 89, and still rocking as hard as ever! Proof? Listen for a rare hair band, Guiffria (does ANYONE remember them besides me?), a power gold cut, Boston’s “Long Time”, and plenty of mainstream pop.

Call WLS at 591-8900 to win… just listen for the WLS “Touch Tones”.

This was recorded during the overnight hours, as today’s booming WLS imaging voice, Jeff Davis, talks about what’s coming up on Larry Lujack’s morning show ‘later this morning’. In fact, he mentions it’s 12:51 just before this ends.

Hot Top 40, that AM compression recorded on a widebanded AM receiver, classic original JAM WLS jingles… this one features it ALL, from one of the very last surviving AM rockers of the 80s – WLS!

Back-to-back classics courtesy of!