10 thoughts on “Jim Collins, 66 WNBC “Time Machine” | November 29, 1987

  1. Just as an FYI the newsman at the head of this air check spelled his name Mike Heide. I met him once somewhere along the way.

  2. I was such a big fan of the WNBC Time Machine. Music was great, and the jocks were incredible. I also loved the Nothing But Class jingle package. I wish it were still around.

  3. Somewhere in my collection of cassettes, I have the Time Machine from WNBC recorded off air from my Fujitsu 10 in Kahn Stereo. I will donate it when I find it. It added an additional dimension and was heard in Stereo, during the day, South on I-95 almost to North Carolina.
    You will hear why I was such a proponent of Kahn’s system.

    1. Bobby, WABC went talk on May 10, 1982. I imagine it would be on Wikipedia. I know it was in The New York Times and probably the other NYC papers.

    1. Jeff, I think WABC went talk on May 10, 1982. WNBC did borrow a couple things from WABC, namely WNBCDegrees: also it called itself “Musicradio”. You could look up what I said about WABC at Wikipedia.org.

  4. Oh yeah. They also said WNBeatlesC, another WABC feature. Also near the end of this ‘check, hearing about Gorbachev. Is Communism really dead? Sure hope so.

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