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Jim Collins and the WNBC Time Machine- 66 WNBC New York | September 6, 1987, 10-11 AM

Jim Collins
The late Jim Collins WPGC Photo. Courtesy of

The WNBC Time Machine is featured prominently here at Airchexx – in various parts, one hour at a time! In this segment which has never been posted before, the late Jim Collins is counting down the Top 66 of the 1960s! It was a Sunday on this particular day. Traffic was very light according to WNBC Traffic and Transit. Terri Raskin was the traffic reporter.

Listen now and hear what WNBC sounded like in the year prior to it’s demise. This features a TON of commercials and those telescoped 60s songs. Perhaps the best part of this is the generous use of PAMS WABC jingles re-sung for WNBC! So many great cuts right down to the legendary Time Chime!

As always, I leave the commercials intact because they aren’t subject to copyright, and in-context they give the listener a better picture of this broadcast from 1987.

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Aircheck by Contributor Frank Davis. Thank you!
Photo courtesy of
Description by founder Steve West

2 thoughts on “Jim Collins and the WNBC Time Machine- 66 WNBC New York | September 6, 1987, 10-11 AM

  1. At 1:38, he said the time was 10:10. Wonder how management felt about that, as 1010 was (and still is) the frequency for fellow NYC station WINS.

    1. I doubt anyone cared. Some in the audience might have made a connection but by 1987 I don’t think it mattered as WINS had been doing news for over 20 years by then

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