Jim Elliot & Don O’Day on WPGC AM & FM Washington | September 22, 1977

WPGC, an AM/FM combo, was a Top 40 powerhouse licensed to serve Washington DC. The transmitter (the AM side, at least) was located in Morningside, a DC suburb in Maryland. In the beginning, most of the audience was on the AM side but by this time, the 50kw FM had overtaken most of the AM stations in this market. FM penetration was more rapid here in DC and neighboring Baltimore than elsewhere. Early Top 40 stations, such as 600 WCAO Baltimore, had been the leading hit music stations through the early 70s.

Now, this is Musicradio WPGC! From 1977, a really GREAT morning show featuring lots of elements to make you smile. A Gong Show type contest at just before the hour… Dan O’Day and “Choose Your News” (some may remember this feature at WLS Chicago), and more! Notice the reverb. It was cranked right up there and the station sounded much like an FM version of WABC New York!

Overall, this apparently right out-of-the-skimmer tape is fantastic! WPGC would eventually morph into an Urban station in the 80s, but until then, what an amazing Top 40 station this was!

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