QuickChexx – Don Geronimo (First Show), WPGC AM & FM Morningside | Fall, 1979

Date of Recording (Approximately): Fall, 1979
Contributor(s):Lee Chambers (WPGC Tribute Site); Matt Seinberg (Big Apple Airchecks)
Station(s): WPGC (AM) 1580 / WPGC-FM 95.5 Morningside, Maryland
Format: Top 40
Featured Jock:Don Geronimo
Aircheck Entry: #1,837


The file name reads “Don Geronimo’s First Show” – Well, we can only assume so, as this recording (which was mastered to a CD) came in short but at least made it intact and in high quality.
Honestly, I’ve never heard an aircheck from Don Geronimo that I didn’t like. Funny, sometimes over-the-top and definitely a smart-ass, the Don Geronimo show, according to the write up on Lee Chambers’ WPGC Tribute Site (//amandfmmorningside.com), turned sagging ratings at WPGC around, and starting a career rise that would last for decades in Washington DC for Don Geronimo. After WPGC, he left for (among other places), WLS Chicago and when he returned to go to WAVA, he was so well remembered and performed so well, he ended up teamed with Mike O’Mera for the one time syndicated “Don and Mike” show. Who remembers that?!

This aircheck is far too short. We wish there was more.. and here at Airchexx.. you never know what we’re going to dig up next! Enjoy!