Jim Elliot & Scott Woodside, WPGC AM & FM Washington DC | January, 1980


Big Apple Airchecks

“Love playin’ all that music for ya

Curator’s Notes:
Recorded the day *after* primary election day, the big story of the day is the results of that election. Do you realize that back on this particular day, news outlets were reporting that George H. W. Bush actually beat Ronald Reagan for the GOP nomination in some states? I had forgotten about that.

Originally sent in as ‘Washington DC Composite, 1979-1980′, this is split up into separate sections for clarity.

This is a great aircheck of WPGC back when they were a REAL Top 40 station. WPGC simulcast much of its broadcast day with its AM sister station. PGC was very personality oriented back in a time when the jocks could pretty much say what they wanted. You’ll hear all the full-service elements that good radio had back in the day; news, weather, sports, traffic… even commentary from the morning jocks! Jingles are from JAM Creative Productions’ “Positron” WABC package as sung for WPGC.

WPGC AM & FM Morningside MD

2 Replies to “Jim Elliot & Scott Woodside, WPGC AM & FM Washington DC | January, 1980”

  1. Karl Phillips

    Scott’s a good radio man. I listened to him and the late Barry Chase when they were here in Atlanta and met him at the induction ceremonies of Barry Chase, who I nominated for induction at the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame dinner. Good check Scott !!!


  2. Scott Woodside

    Thanks Karl,

    Hopefully the team of Chase and Woodside will be acknowledged some day by the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.

    When one half of a team gets inducted something’s wrong somewhere.

    When you’re the second half of a team, you usually go unrecognized. Actually for years many people thought my first name was “And”.

    Maybe there’s a DC radio hall of fame that will honor the Elliott and Woodside team one day. I’d like to see that for my grandchildren.

    It was a great 30 year career. Glad I’m on to bigger and better things!

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