Jim Hampton, 1330 WTRX Flint, MI | Date Unknown

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Recording Date: Unknown
Station: 1330 WTRX Flint, MI (WDLZ/WBBC)
Format: Top 40
Ownership: Cumulus Media
Featured Air Personality: Jim Hampton
Contributor: Jim Hampton

… At Nine-Thirteen this is Jim Hampton with the Thirty-Sixth edition of WTRX News


Curator’s Notes:

While the date is unknown, I’m going to go ahead and guess 1968 or 1969 based upon the music. Contributor Jim Hampton included this bit of personal air work and I’m reminded that a great many stations had the jock on duty also reading the news.

Does anyone know who provided these (awful) jingles? Hey, at least WTRX HAD jingles!

Today, WTRX is an All-Sports station affiliated with ESPN. Its current logo is shown below.

1330 Flint WTRX Sports Xtra


  1. Robert

    Jim Hampton was as good a newsman as he was a jock. I’d say the date on this was summer of ‘68 since they talk about presidential candidate Nixon. the Vogues song was from that time frame and I remember playing Pet Clark’s “Don’t Give Up” as a hitbound in the late spring of 1968.

  2. Jim Hampton

    I think this was 1968. I was working at WABX in Detroit and drove up to Flint to do a fill-in for one week. This was when the station was owned by the Robert Eastman Co. They were a huge sales rep firm and this was the first station that they owned. A pilot for the Jones Boys format. Everyone was named Jones. Even John Landecker did a stint as Dow Jones. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for posting this. Right after I went to WJBK and WCAR in Detroit, before I landed at WLS in Chicago. P.S. I think the jingles were custom. Pretty awful.

    • You’re most welcome. Jim, I try to space out people’s donated airchecks so I don’t post all from one person’s collection. This was surprisingly good, even though I never heard of WTRX before.

  3. ron kay

    from the news clips……this aircheck was approx 1968….nixon was nominated for president …

  4. Stephen MacLeod

    Date of air check is Aug 30 1968.At the beginning of the news it is clearly stated.

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