Jim Hampton

Jim Hampton, 1330 WTRX Flint, MI | Date Unknown

Recording Date: Unknown Station: 1330 WTRX Flint, MI (WDLZ/WBBC) Format: Top 40 Ownership: Cumulus Media Featured Air Personality: Jim Hampton Contributor: Jim Hampton … At Nine-Thirteen this is Jim Hampton with the Thirty-Sixth edition of WTRX News #1,566 Curator’s Notes: While the date is unknown, I’m going to go ahead and guess 1968 or 1969 based upon the music. Contributor Jim Hampton included this bit of personal air work and I’m reminded that a great many stations had the jock on duty also reading the news. Does anyone know who provided these (awful) jingles? Hey, at least WTRX HAD jingles! Today, WTRX is an All-Sports station affiliated with ESPN. Its current logo is shown below. Advertisements

Jim Hampton, 1270 WXYZ Detroit | August, 1966

Date of Recording: 08.xx.1966 Station: 1270 WXYZ Detroit Format: Top 40 Ownership: ABC Featured Air Personality: Jim Hampton Contributor: Jim Hampton Post Date: 11.19.2017 Airchexx Entry: 1,525 Curator’s Notes: This self-submission came along with a few extras from Mr. Hampton’s career. This recording is unique. Hampton is doing the all-night show, and he does everything including the news. There’s one sponsor during his first hour, a local audio retailer selling a record player for automobiles. Apparently, those things worked, I’ve seen pictures. A full newscast read by Hampton is included toward the end of this scoped aircheck.

Lee Alan, 1270 WXYZ Detroit | 1966

Date of Recording: 1966 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 1270 WXYZ Detroit, Michigan, USA Format: Motown/Soul Station Slogan: “Channel 1270“; “The Super Hit Sound” Featured Air Talent: Lee Alan (sp?) Contributor: Jim Hampton Date of Posting: 09.27.2017 Total Time: 12:35 Airchexx Entry: 1,518 This the Horn! Lee Alan who is wonderful for you! Curator’s Notes: This audio came directly off the studio skimmer reel. Notice the distorted and flat EQ response in Lee Alan’s mic. I’d say his voice sounds HORRIBLE in this recording, and one must wonder what it sounded like after AM limiting and processing for air. Someone didn’t watch his board levels!! Other than the obvious mic distortion, the rest of this is pretty clear. It sounds to my trained ears th...

Joel Sebastian, Final Show, 890 WLS Chicago | February 26, 1972

Date of Recording: 02.26.1972 Station: 890 WLS Chicago, Illinois, USA Format: Top 40 Station Slogan: “The Rock of Chicago” Featured Air Personality: Joel Sebastian (WXYZ/WLS/WCFL) Contributor: Jim Hampton Total Time: 31:14 Airchexx Entry: 1,518 …You’re not gonna hustle chicks here! Curator’s Notes: Mastered from the original reel, Contributor Jim Hampton sent us a real gem here! Now, admittedly Joel Sebastian didn’t have the longest of stays at WLS. However his resume shows his longest gig in Chicago to be across the river at WCFL, “The Voice of Labor”, where he was both on air and Program Director. Sebastian was from Detroit, where he came from (and went back to) WXYX. Despite that, Joel Sebastian sounds fantastic here. Now, this was his fin...

Ron Riley, 89 WLS Chicago | October 11, 1968

Date of Recording: 10.11.1968 Station: 890 WLS Chicago, Illinois, USA Format: Top 40 Featured Air Personality: Ronald Riley (WLS/WBKB (TV), others) Contributor: Jim Hampton Airchexx Entry: 1,487 …10:31 LS most music time Ron Riley feelin outta sight baby! How ’bout YOU?! Comments: From the era before John Records Landecker & Fred Winston, the Big 89 had the edge in Chicago music radio. Here’s America’s number one Batman fan Ron Riley talking between every record and doing what so many jocks imitated over the years (to their detriment) – ‘puking’… But this is Sir Ronald Riley doing what he was best known for. There are two (incomplete) newscasts featuring WLS News Anchor Jerry Golden. Listen for a story by reporter John Schubeck (sp). New...

Jim Hampton’s Radio Recall Featuring Kris Eric Stevens

Date of Recording: Unknown Station(s): 104.3 WOMC Detroit, Michigan, USA; 890 WLS & 1000 WCFL Chicago, Illinois, USA Format: Oldies Featured Air Personalities: Jim Hampton (WXYZ/WOMC, others); Kris Eric Stevens (WLS/WCFL) Contributor: Jim Hampton Airchexx Entry: 1,486 Comments: Described as perhaps one of the youngest jocks ever on WLS, Kris Eric Stevens is featured in this interview on Jim Hampton’s Radio Recall show. In it, they talk about Stevens’ career at WLS and at WCFL, as he was one of a few jocks who worked both sides of the river in one of America’s closest Top 40 battles in the early 1970s. Radio Recall was a Podcast featured on the Motor City Radio Flashbacks website, which also airs on Classic Hits radio station 104.3 WOMC Detroit. The program has itR...

Joel Sebastian, 66 WNBC New York | October 7, 1985

Date of Recording: 10.07.1985 Station: 660 WNBC (WEAF/WRCA/WNBC) New York, New York, USA Format: Top 40/Variety Featured Air Personality: Joel Sebastian (WLS/WNBC) Contributor: Jim Hampton Airchexx Entry: 1,486 …here’s a little bit of the Gary Burgess humor, he wrote out the forecast listen to this… what’s for tonight? Dark! Comments: If you’ll listen closely enough, you’ll definitely notice Joel Sebastian’s voice. Yes, where did I hear him before? WLS, of course! New Contributor Jim Hampton, who just donated roughly a dozen airchecks to the Airchexx Museum archive, recorded this himself – and so that’s high-quality, first person tape recordings from an incredibly historic WNBC broadcast. This was just before the Weekend “Time Mac...

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