Jim Smith, WKMB Stirling, NJ – Stirling Country 1070 | Sometime in the 1990s

Jim Smith, WKMB Stirling, NJ – Stirling Country 1070 | Sometime in the 1990s

Try to look up information on this little-known AM Country station and you’ll only find the religious incarnation of WKMB. Apparently falling out of existence shortly before the internet came into being in the early 90s, this wonderful little recording of Stirling, New Jersey’s AM 1070 chronicles what might be the only piece of this station’s former Country format.

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One notable about this aircheck: Why do we hear Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Busy Man” played FOUR times in an hour and a half? Please, someone, check the current reel and see if it’s rewinding… LOL

Contributor Ira Warren Patasnik, heard on this recording as “Jim Smith”, says about this aircheck:

WKMB 1070 Was the last Country Music station on the air just outside of New
York City in New Jersey. Recently, Press Communications (The Asbury Park Press)
who used to own WJLK AM and FM in Asbury Park at 1310 and 94.3 also NJ 101.5
put a country music station on the air in Neptune NJ called Thunder 106.3/106.5 which
makes it up to Woodbridge, NJ and can sometimes be heard in parts of NYC like Staten
Island. As of (this writing), there is still no Country Music Station in New York.

Listen now to a bit of “Stirling Country 1070 WKMB”