Joel Sebastian, Final Show, 890 WLS Chicago | February 26, 1972

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Joel Sebastian WXYZ WLS WCFL
Joel Sebastian circa 1963
Date of Recording: 02.26.1972
Station: 890 WLS Chicago, Illinois, USA
Format: Top 40
Station Slogan: “The Rock of Chicago”
Featured Air Personality: Joel Sebastian (WXYZ/WLS/WCFL)
Contributor: Jim Hampton
Total Time: 31:14
Airchexx Entry: 1,518

…You’re not gonna hustle chicks here!

Curator’s Notes:

Mastered from the original reel, Contributor Jim Hampton sent us a real gem here! Now, admittedly Joel Sebastian didn’t have the longest of stays at WLS. However his resume shows his longest gig in Chicago to be across the river at WCFL, “The Voice of Labor”, where he was both on air and Program Director. Sebastian was from Detroit, where he came from (and went back to) WXYX. Despite that, Joel Sebastian sounds fantastic here.

Now, this was his final night on the air (or should I say, morning. His was the overnight show) and some of the talent stayed up to send him off. Newsman Gill Gross brings in a cake early on, and Sebastian immediately offers a few slices to any listeners who can get to the radio station studios! John Records Landecker is heard to be in the studio along with a few others. It’s quite obvious that Sebastian was a well liked jock and one they were going to miss!.

Somewhere out there, posted in the thickets of the wild internet, is Joel Sebastian’s FIRST show on WLS, memorable as it probably wasn’t. The last one? Yea. This was memorable.
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  1. Guy

    A bit over-the-top for my taste. However, Joel was a very nice guy.

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