Joey Reynolds Show / N-Copter Crash, 66 WNBC New York | October 22 1986

660 New York WNBC 1977

wnbc logo 1980 2In the mid 1980s, New York’s 66 WNBC was full of big on air personalities! Don Imus, Soupy Sales, Howard Stern, Wolfman Jack, Alan Colmes, & Joey Reynolds. Joey took over the afternoon show when Howard was fired, which had to be pretty stressful. If he was stressed, he never showed it. You did hear a bit of stress in his voice on the day of this aircheck, when the WNBC N-Copter went down in the Hudson river, as traffic reporter Jane Dornacker was doing a live traffic report. Joey was not sure what happened what happened, and when the report abrutly stopped, Joey, who was not sure what to say, played a record. It’s a bit of a tough listen, but it was what thousands of New Yorkers heard that afternoon -Ellis

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