John Drakes & Chuck Buell, 950 KIMN (Denver) Parker, CO | August 7, 1982

950 Denver KIMN

Here’s an aircheck donated by Daniel Coulombe from Sherbrooke, Quebec. Thanks, Daniel! The main feature is John Drake. Drake seems to not have any presence or history on the web, so we don’t have much to report. The two other highlights are a full newscast from John Dwayne and then two-time KIMN vet Chuck Buell arrives for the final part of this 14-minute custom scope.

Chuck Buell
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This is the station of Loren Owens, who left KIMN in 1981 to go to WVBF Framingham. We’ve got audio from him there. For a long time, this was Denver’s Top 40 outlet. Here, it has mellowed quite a bit into a mainstream Adult Contemporary station. Listen to the (scoped) songs. Alan Parsons and Air Supply. When was the last time you heard Charlene’s “I’ve Never Been To Me”? That’s the second song in. Surprisingly, we get to hear Survivor – “Eye of the Tiger” early on.

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The news was left intact. Hear about the goings-on in Beiruit, Lebanon. Reagan is the President. Interesting if you’re a history buff.
The weather on this particular August day was typically hot. High temp around 90.
The audio quality fluctuates. This might have to do with the condition of the source tape. In some parts, it’s quite good, others, the audio seems a bit muddy. Judge for yourself.

Runs about 14 minutes, scoped.


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