John Mack Flanagan “Family Values” – PM Drive on 99.7 KFRC-FM San Francisco

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John Mack Flanagan

Our late, great friend John Mack Flanagan highlights this incredible aircheck from his days at Oldies formatted 99.7 in it’s KFRC-FM incarnation. This aircheck features flawless timing, perfect execution… things that radio stations seem to have done away with for the convenience of computer automation. Yet, this wasn’t so long ago? Was it?
No date on the tape, but this had to be in that 1991-1993 timeframe. I’m going to guess 1991- Nobody’s mentioning 610, which wasn’t yet simulcast with the 99.7 Oldies station (probably wrapping up the Adult Standards “Magic 61” era).

If John Mack Flanagan was still around I could ask. Yet, this comes from a set of cassettes that John DID send me about a year before his induction into our exclusive Disc Jockey Hall Of Fame.

This tape was dirty, meaning, I performed about 6 hours of work to get it to sound as it does here. The right track had tons of dropouts and was recorded substantially lower than the left, and rather than mono the whole thing out, I resorted to some serious surgery. It’s time consuming, but the nice thing is, in 2022, there are some really good software tools out there that take much of the manual work out. If I did this manually, it woulda been more like 24 hours of manual work to get it sounding close to this. Yes. The tape was that bad. But, as you will hear in this 20 minute scope, this sounds almost as if you’re hearing it right off the air!

Check out the video from our official AIRCHEXX CLASSIC RADIO YouTube Channel!

This is WELL WORTH your 20 minutes! John Mack Flanagan is his personable self, and he MAKES this radio station shine! Listen, and hear why so many people loved him and admired his work!


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