Julie Williams, Ernie Brown; 790 KULF Houston | October 24, 1981

790 Houston KULF Julie Williams Ernie Brown Randy Kendrick

If its been 33 years since you heard this, you’re not alone and in good company! KULF sounds Bigtime, running a full service AM format and playing all the hits, minus the real hard rock stuff. This sounds NICE! And yes, it would have been nicer had this been a more crisp recording, but this will do.

Julie Williams mostly just goes by just Julie. Its sounds like late afternoon. There’s a full newscast by Randy Kendrick. Its all live, and while scoped, you will enjoy hearing those once-overplayed hits by Kenny Rogers, Air Supply and Sheena Easton, along with a rare catch from the Atlanta Rhythm Section.

Ernie Brown takes over at 6pm and he gets a couple of breaks in before the end.

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790 Houston KULF Julie Williams Ernie Brown Randy Kendrick

Courtesy of BigAppleAirchecks!


  1. OMG! How in the world did you get an aircheck of me from almost 25 years ago?!? What a flashback!! And cool to hear one of my favorite people, Ernie Brown, on there,too. We went on to San Antonio to do a morning show together.

    • Julie… hello and welcome to Airchexx! You know, it is interesting how people turn up here. You probably did a search for yourself or KULF… but at any rate, this came on a cassette tape from one of our site contributors. That tape had a couple of different airchecks on it. Many of the best airchecks come in that way. The only trouble is, I can’t tell you who originally recorded this show, there were no liner notes to post with the tape.

      Have to agree with you, it is a great aircheck. Thanks for checking in!

      • I didn’t do a search for this. Maybe Ernie did? Who in the world recorded it? I have no idea!!

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