September 27, 2021

3 thoughts on “Julie Williams, Ernie Brown; 790 KULF Houston | October 24, 1981

  1. OMG! How in the world did you get an aircheck of me from almost 25 years ago?!? What a flashback!! And cool to hear one of my favorite people, Ernie Brown, on there,too. We went on to San Antonio to do a morning show together.

    1. Julie… hello and welcome to Airchexx! You know, it is interesting how people turn up here. You probably did a search for yourself or KULF… but at any rate, this came on a cassette tape from one of our site contributors. That tape had a couple of different airchecks on it. Many of the best airchecks come in that way. The only trouble is, I can’t tell you who originally recorded this show, there were no liner notes to post with the tape.

      Have to agree with you, it is a great aircheck. Thanks for checking in!

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