Kid Corona / Jason Garrett Phoenix Composite | 1991-1995

KOY-FM Phoenix

Sent in by Mr. Garrett himself, he and Kid Corona are obviously one in the same, heard here doing CHR and Oldies in one of our rare Phoenix market presentations.

Jason writes:

Kid Corona first hit the Phoenix nighttime airwaves in 1991 on Edens’ KOY-FM; Y-95 as part of an all-star line up that included Bruce Kelly, Jackie West and Steve Goddard. After winning the PM ratings battle, Corona moved briefly to the legendary KOOL-FM 94.5 as Jason Garrett. A short time later he returned to CHR as Kid Corona on KKFR-FM; Power 92 where he dominated the nighttime ratings until 1994. One year later, he produced and hosted, “70s Saturday Night with Jason Garrett” at Nationwide-owned KVRY; Variety 104.7. The 4-hour weekly program was a disco parody, “…broadcasting live on the Polyester Radio Network (PRN).” The public relations and ratings success of that show lasted for two more years until 1996 when KVRY flipped formats and returned to its heritage KZZP calls. Steve Elliott was PD.

Its scoped and short, but definitely showcases some great talent in this early to mid 90s composite. Thanks, Jason!


  1. OMG! I used to call and bug Jason when I was a kid back when he was working for KVRY!

    Jason Garrett on the Polyester Radio Network!!! HAHAHAHA!

    I have pics of me in Jr High with a 70s Saturday Night shirt still… God im a nerd.

  2. OB Don

    Hah! I used to call and bug him 20 years ago when he was on KCR at San Diego State University. The Disco Stranger Show. Should I even admit that?

  3. I remember when I was an intern with Christopher Caldwell’s afternoon show on KVRY back in 1996, I got to work with Jason on a promo for 70’s Saturday Night on KVRY. GOT DISCO? lol

  4. I have *SO* many memories of growing up listening to Jason! I swear, I was the only 13 y/o in 1995 hooked on a disco show…..

    He always made the best promos… THE NAME GAME, the 12News simulcast parody.. the MANY MANY ’70s Sat Night’ promos…

    When KVRY’s demise was ery near, he really let loose on the air and it was a total blast! The best mix of the 40s, 80s and 90s! FREE Harkins tickets or a dusty mug with Christopher Caldwell’s face on it.

    Anyone remember Alex Taylor? She was awesome too!

  5. Tom Laurin

    Holy crap! I DJ’d @ KCR when Jason did his weekly appearances on the SDSU quad. He was a riot in his polyester and chains, and he probably had the most popular show during my stint. My alter-ego Storm Thornridge did a ’70s B-sides rock program called Stormwatch that was pretty different, but The Disco Stranger had the real following. Great to see he followed his calling!

  6. I remember Kid Corona (Jason Garrett) back when he was on Y-95 and then when he went to Power 92 and also to KVRY. Very funny guy. Had a blast listening. He was also a studio counselor at The Academy Of Radio & TV when it was in Phoenix.

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