Labor Day Weekend Special: The Time Machine Top 66 of All Time, 66 WNBC New York | September 6, 1987; 5:06-6:35 PM

660 New York WNBC WFAN WEAF WRCA Don Imus In The Morning

Here’s the Sunday, September 6 broadcast of the WNBC Time Machine with Dan Taylor, Larry Scott – News, and then JACK Scott with more music after the 2nd newscast here on what turned out to be a great weekend of fun with the Top 66 Songs Labor Day Countdown. Remember, this aircheck is TELESCOPED, to comply with applicable United States Copyright Law.

Listen for a few notable mentions: A Dan Ingram-voiced commercial for a K-Tel record (listen for it), Live Promos for Dave Sims “Sportsnite” and Imus In The Morning. Dan Taylor plays “Hi-Low” for cash and mentions he’ll be in for Alan Colmes on ‘tomorrow’s’ show (which is our clue that this is Sunday’s show). Larry Scott does two full newscasts, so you can get a feel for what’s going on in the world on this particular day in 1987.

The final year and a half of its existence, WNBC turned, first overnights, and then weekends into a re-creation of sorts of 1960s-era WABC, complete with 60s PAMS jingles re-sung for WNBC. If you don’t remember this or have fond memories, you really should sample this, the best part of WNBC’s ‘variety’ programming that featured a pseudo-Top 40 morning show with the irreverent wit of Don Imus, Mid-day Oldies with Ray Darian (after Soupy Sales was let go in early ’87) and afternoons with then-variety talker Alan Colmes, Sportsnite with Dave Sims and the Overnight and Weekend “Time Machine” It really WAS something to listen to if you wanted to be entertained. WNBC had it all in 1987 into its final year of 1988.

Dan Taylor is STILL playing New York’s Greatest Hits ™ on 101.1 CBS-FM!

660 AM New York The Time Machine WNBC WEAF WFAN SportsRadio Imus Dave Sims Sportsnite Dan Ingram Jack Scott Larry Scott Dan Taylor Big Jay Sorensen Alan Colmes Joey Reynolds Howard Stern

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  1. Paul

    nice air check Steve…I especially like that Ford promo for wearing your seat belts at the 5:45 mark…I don’t remember ever hearing that but it is a very lively tune…thanks for posting

  2. Aardvark

    The news report at 14:18 is quite interesting in light of some of the names that are still in the newws. Talk of Mario Cuomo, who just passed away on January 1, 2015, running for president in 1988 at 16:08 (which obviously did not happen). Talk of Ron Paul running on the Libertarian ticket at 16:40.

    I remember that seat belt jingle. I had forgotten it and always thought it was a PSA, not a Ford Motor ad.

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