Larry Glick on 1030 WBZ Boston | 1985

Larry Glick on 1030 WBZ Boston | 1985

WBZ 1030 Boston – Larry Glick – 1985

In New England, 1030 WBZ Boston has been a radio powerhouse for over 100 years. So many legendary names have graced the microphones at WBZ… Larry Justice, Carl De Suze, Dave Maynard, Dick Summers, Norm Nathan, to name a few. Also on that list would be the one & only Larry Glick. Glick was a one of a kind host, who just loved talking to people. His overnight show on WBZ reached 38 states, and eastern Canada.

On this aircheck, you’ll hear Larry host his overnight talk show on WBZ. This aircheck is from 1985. -Ellis

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