Little Joe and Tubby on the Lisa Dent Morning Show, KIKK Houston | March 16, 1999

95.7 KIKK Young Country

Lisa Dent, Little Joe and Tubby
Lisa Dent, Little Joe and Tubby
Date of Recording: 03.16.1999
Station: 95.7 KIKK-FM (KIKK/KKHH/KHJZ) Houston, Texas, USA
Format: Contemporary Country
Featured Air Personalities: “Little Joe”, Tubby Lawler
Contributor: Tom Lawler
Post Date: 08.30.2017
Airchexx Entry: 1,502


As much of coastal Texas tries to recover from Hurricane Harvey, I thought the best thing I could do for them, being a radio archival site, was to post an aircheck or two from the Houston area. This is posted in the hope and prayers that everyone affected fully recovers, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. May the God of your understanding be with you during this time of disaster.

Description by our Contributor:

“Here is one of the many iterations of KIKK-FM after being purchased by Westinghouse in 1993 – and having arch rival KILT-FM as a sister station. The “Young Country” branding and format were adopted in early 1997 as a way to differentiate from sister KILT’s “todays country and all time favorites” approach. Here is The Lisa Dent Morning Show, minus Lisa who was out with a cold on March 16th 1999. Lil Joe (sidekick), and Tubby (producer) are left to run the show. Notice the time checks, the quack sounder, as well as the song hooks to tease upcoming songs – as well as the reverb! Not very common on a country station, but they were going for more of a hitradio vibe where it fits. Oh, and the Metabolife spots – to be banned by the FTC in a few years. Enjoy a slice of Young Country KIKK-FM!”

95.7 KIKK Young Country


  1. I worked there during this time 1999. It was a fun time and Little Joe and Tubby were fun to be around. Great times!

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