WYHY Y-107 Nashville gets featured on 48 Hours | 1989


Sometime in the late 1980’s, the evening news program ’48 Hours’ did a segment on top 40 radio. Or, should I say, outrageous radio. Y-107 was so outrageous, it was prominently featured as a classic example of ‘sinful’ lifestyle (yes, Jerry Falwell was shown preaching against it.).

This is priceless, if only to showcase just how big Nashville’s Y-107 was. If only they hadn’t blown it up – and a great many fans would agree with me.


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  1. Damon Shaw

    Great stuff. I miss Y107-The Outrageous FM! It should have never changed to The River. It seems strange to have a CHR nowadays called The River.
    However, that 48 Hours clip was from 1992, not 1989. There was a reference to the Pee Wee Herman incident and the song “I Touch Myself”, which both occurred in 1991. Thanks for posting that!


    • Robyn Watts

      Actually this was from 1991 when this aired on CBS. It was scheduled to air that September, but was pushed back to November due to the airing of the World Series IIRC. I’ve videotaped it when it aired, but don’t know what happened to my copy.

      Also profiled on “Shock Waves” was:

      Format change of WIBU (now WHFA) in tiny Poynette, WI (located near Madison) from Polka (yes, I said POLKA) to Satellite Music Network’s “Stardust” format.

      A day in the life of “The Flyjock” Tom Joyner (of K104/Dallas-Ft. Worth and WGCI/Chicago fame.)

      Scott Shannon’s return to New York at WPLJ (during the “Mojo Radio” period) in his attempt to beat his old station…Z100/WHTZ.

      A profile of a SBK reoord rep (forgot his name, but the some he was working was Jesus Jones “Real Real Real”) and how a song is worked to radio.

      Larry King’s nighttime talk show on Mutual Radio.


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