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Mark & Brian Interview Pete Townshend – 95.5 KLOS Los Angeles | August, 1993


Pete Townshend 2015 LiveStation: 95.5 KLOS Los Angeles (Wikipedia) (Website)
Format: Album Oriented Rock/Classic Rock
Branded: “The Rock of Southern California
Featured Air Personalities: Mark Thompson and Brian Phelps, Pete Townshend
Contributor: Robyn Watts
Total Time: 13:13
Aircheck #1,593

You really have to be fit to do Rock & Roll

Curator’s Notes:

This is less of a jock oriented aircheck than a great interview with The Who frontman Pete Townshend. Pete talks about his career, his love for theater and how that intertwines with his rock opera “Tommy”. It’s an interesting listen for fans of the band.

This interview was in conjunction with a station sponsored concert where local musicians could play along with Townshend. I can’t find details of the event, thus, I can’t nail down the exact date.



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