September 18, 2021

5 thoughts on “Martin & Jennings, 1090 KAAY Little Rock, Part 1 | 1971

    1. Yes, it would be, but that’s not going to happen. This website is a web listening post and as such, I’m not going to undermine the whole site’s existence by allowing downloads. But, feel free to listen to everything here for free. You just have to stay on the site to listen.

  1. Thanks for the memories.We were always bummed out when KAAY wouldn’t come in while we were tokin’ and cruisin’in Iowa.

  2. WLOF in Orlando did a promo back in the day also involving a nude jock (Thom Sherwood, I believe), whose photo was to appear in one of Orlando’s free weeklies. Big build up, and when the big day came, they delivered their promise. There was a center spread of Thom in all his naked glory. But it was a baby picture….,

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