Mike McGann, WIXZ McKeesport PA | 1973



Date of Recording: 1973 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: 1360 WIXZ McKeesport, PA (WGBN)
Featured Air Talent: Mike McGann
Contributor: Mike McGann
Date of Contribution: 10.12.2016
Aircheck Entry: 1,444

..Are you headed to the altar? To get married, not for the sacrifice


New Contributor Mike McGann is the subject of this short but well edited scope (edited by the Contributor). It’s a tight Top 40 format on a 5 KW signal in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Also the onetime home of legendary Talk Host Rush Limbaugh who went by the air name of Jeff Christie. McGann sure is talented and is a perfect fit on this little AM station that could, back when AM was still king and they played all the hits!

WIXZ  Studio 1970s


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