Mike Raub, 1450 WJBX Bridgeport CT | July 19, 1986

Mike Raub

1450 Bridgeport WJBX WNAB WCUMAs often happens with some small and medium sized market radio stations, there’s not much left for history to remember of the station once known as WJBX. Perhaps this station’s only real claim to fame was once being home to Dan Ingram (KBOX/WABC/WKTU/WCBS-FM) when the station was better known as WNAB.

The FCC Callsign Database holds the following information of AM 1450 Bridgeport CT:

WCUM (current call sign) 1450 kHz
Bridgeport, Connecticut
ND1: Non Directional Antenna: Same constants day and night
Station Broadcast Schedule: Unlimited
Station Class: C – Local Channel 0.25kW-1kW stations delivering primary service to a limited community
Region 2 Class: C – Local Channel 0.25kW-1kW stations delivering primary service to a limited community
Facility ID: 54553
Status: License
Application Granted: 10/30/1990
WCUM License Expires: 04/01/2022
File Number: BL-19881005AI
Prefix Type: This is a license
Application Type: License to Cover


Contributor Bob Gilmore said he was going through some old boxes of tapes and ran across this recording of the late Mike Raub. This is from the Summer of 1986 during a time when WJBX had both returned to the air recently and obtained new call letters. The format is mainly Oldies, but with some then-currents mixed in. The recording is in mono, but in very high quality mono, suggesting that this was recorded using a typical widebanded AM receiver available in the 1980s. The unscoped recording was digitized by the contributor and sent to airchexx in two, 30 minute files representing a cassette side. Airchexx performed the (loose) scope operation, leaving in a bit more audio than usual knowing that this recording won’t be posted on YouTube.


Bob Gilmore is one of the radio industry’s leading engineers, having built studios and transmitter plants for a number of radio stations. He is also an accomplished air personality having worked all over the northeast. Gilmore now can be heard online every weekend at HitOldies.net with his “Retro Playlist” syndicated program which also airs at several over-the-air radio stations. Gilmore has been involved with radio for over 40 years, is an aircheck trader and a longtime contributor to this website.


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