Dick Biondi, WBBM-FM (B96) Chicago | January 1984

96.3 Chicago, WBBM-FM

Who woulda thought Dick Biondi would still be doing Top 40 some 20+ years after his first gig at WLS? This is Chicago’s BIG CHR B96! Biondi is… well all i can say is it starts out a bit slow, at least for him.

Just an opinion, mind you, but considering the various morning shows in Chicagoland in ’84, Dick Biondi, at least on THIS aircheck, sounds bland by comparison. Still, he has his moments, and for those of you who fondly remember, this extremely high-fidelity recording will bring a tear to your eye!



  1. Leo Knott

    To me, Dick Biondi sounded better as he got older. This was a good aircheck for him.

  2. Vicky L. Sharer

    Sounded???? Leo…Dick SOUNDS better as he gets older!! You do realize he’s still on the air, don’t you??? By now I hope you do! And I agree completely with your statement–when it’s put in the present tense like I just did! πŸ™‚

  3. Elisabeth Miller

    I am new here.Where did Dick Biondi go? What station, in Chicago I assume. I am in Washington State and really miss the guy!

    • Vicky

      Elisabeth, Dick is on WLS-FM–94.7FM in Chicago. Online, it’s //947chicago.com. Yes–I see now, you’re in Washington State. So you’d listen online, as I do from Cleveland, Ohio. Welcome, by the way!! Dick is on weeknights, 7pm to 11pm Central time, which is…5pm to 9pm your time (early–that’s a good thing).
      Enjoy! πŸ™‚

  4. Ed Mlakar

    He says he’s Dick Biondi until 10:00 and then mentions a caller who asked who is he after 10 lol

  5. David

    PLEASE!!, Leo and Vicky! We’re talking *classic Dick Biondi* here!! It’s crystal clear from this aircheck that his Top 40 career bridges two eras: its early years/golden era and the beginning of the modern-day “contemporary hit radio” era of the Top 40 format.

    And Biondi’s referencing Don Geronimo–one of the CHR-era Top 40 jocks! I think the weather jingle was used about the same time as or shortly thereafter by Z-100 in New York City (“New York City weaa-therr” instead of “Windy City weaa-therr” and “Z! One! HUN-DRED!!” instead of “B-96…music”.)

  6. Terry, Jr.

    I gotta say, this is one of the COOLEST airchecks I’ve ever heard!!! A Chicago radio veteran on B96 in 1984!!!! As for me my first listen of Mr. Biondi was in 1992 when he was on WJMK!!! One of Chicago greats!!

  7. Jay

    Not 33…This air check is only 24 years after Dicks debut on WLS in May of 1960. It’s amazing that he’s still there today, 53 years later!

  8. Mike Goucher

    First heard Dick Biondi in Buffalo, NY on WKBW in 1961. He was the midnight man and always began his show with “Tossin’ and Turnin'” by Bobby Lewis. The transistor radio was all the rage and I often woke up needing new batteries. Any WKBW Biondi airchexx available?

  9. Rich Roberts

    Dick Biondi is again playing 1980’s hits only now he’s on WLS FM Chicago from 11p til 2am

  10. I love that line Dick Biondi had about after 10 AM he becomes Lamont Cranston. It just goes to show you that not many DJs anywhere today could match some of the old school jocks ability to ad lib and basically be entertaining… and i’m 29 years old saying this πŸ™‚

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