Motor City Gold – Detroit-Area Radio, Circa 1971, Part 1

In October of 2004, in our second year on the web, we posted a series of aircheck tapes entitled “Old Gold”. The series was called that based upon one of the Oldies formats at one of the Detroit area stations. There were 12 actual tapes in the series, but for some odd reason we only posted six. And we had consolidated four of what we though were only 10 tapes into the six that we posted.

Recently, I came across two envelopes containing two more of these Detroit area scopes. The tapes are old, dusty and the oxide is worn off much of the tape surface. But they do play, and we’re now going to present these final two Gold tapes in a four part series that we’d like to call, “Motor City Gold

You’ll hear plenty of banter, bits of news, commercials and lots of jingles. Some jocks you know, like Ted “Teddy Bear” Richards. Others may be unfamiliar. But while the audio quality is less than stellar, this is guaranteed to be entertaining.

This segment includes the following stations, in no particular order:


And now, here’s Part 1:


  1. David

    Not to nitpick, but the then-current songs on this composite clearly tell me that this is from 1972, not 1971. Plus, the WXYZ jingles are from TM’s The Sound of Chicago package for rock MOR or Pop Adult or whatever Adult Contemporary was called then. That jingle package was produced for similarly-formatted WMAQ Chicago.

    • David

      Not to mention that said jingle package premiered on WMAQ in 1972.

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