October 25, 2021

3 thoughts on “Jim Maddux, 1580 KDAY Los Angeles | March 15, 1976

  1. Rock-40 Format? Where’s the rock on the aircheck? Earth, Wind & Fire, Smokey Robinson, Supremes, etc. are heard on the aircheck… hardly rock, more like what KDAY was known for over the years—straight ahead R&B. Just sayin’…

  2. Rock-40 is news to me. Jim Maddox hired me in June of ’74. In March of ’91, I personally signed it off. Joe Crain has it right. 1580 KDAY, at that time and, actually, until the end, was an R&B station, though we did innovate by playing rap when no one else did, thanks to Steve Woods, who was PD in ’79.

  3. Somebody’s Wayback Machine needs calibrating.

    The “Rock 40” format was under Bob Wilson and lasted from 1971 to 1973. In January of 1974, Jim Maddox (spelled with an “o”, not a “u”) took over and went R&B, immediately blowing the legendary but underpowered KGFJ into the weeds.

    By the time of this aircheck, they’d been doing it for more than 2 years.

    How good was it? KDAY’s last “Rock 40” (they didn’t call it that) book was a 1.4 share and 23rd place. A year later, they were #3 with a 4.6. They were within 8/10ths of a point of KHJ in fall ’75.

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