New York Area Radio Dial Scan | November 1983

New York Area Radio Dial Scan | November 1983

It’s November 1983, and it’s the weekend! You are driving around New York, as you tune around the radio dial. This recording is an example of what you would have head. I was driving around New York, and just tuning up & down the dial, and recording what I head. You’ll hear many of the big players, like Kick 106 WKHK, WHTZ Z100, WPIX-FM, WRKS 98.7 Kiss , WYNY,  & WPIX. You’ll also hear someNew York personalities like Jack Da Wack, Don K Reed, Danny Hernandez (aka Ray Rossi & Bobby Valentine) Ken Lamb, Cliff Powers, Leigh Hamilton, Robert Burns, Marc Sommers and others.

So close your eyes, turn up the volume, and for 18 minutes, go back to November 1983

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From the Ellis B Feaster You Tube Radio Aircheck & Classic TV Channel.



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