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Paul Cubby Bryant, 100.3 WHTZ (Z100) Newark, NJ (New York City) | April 10, 1999

Recording Date: 04.10.1999 Station: 100.3 WHTZ New York City (Wikipedia) (Website) (Twitter) (Facebook) Format: Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) Ownership: (Now) iHeartMedia, inc. / (Then) Malrite Media Branded: Z100, New York’s #1 Hit Music Station Featured Air Personality: Paul Cubby Bryant (WGH-FM/WHTZ/WKTU) (Wikipedia) Contributor: Anonymous Total Time: 5:15 (Telescoped) #1,569   Z100.. Cubby on the mic, Schroeder for the peanuts on the Piano, and Miss Grammy… Lorde Hill on vocals Curator’s Notes: Its been quite a while since we posted a Z100 aircheck, but nothing has really changed. Z100 is still a hot CHR station, although today the jocks speak a bit less and the music… well, there’s no rock today but that’s the state of pop music in 2018. This is...

Lisa Taylor, Paul “Cubby” Bryant, WHTZ Z100 New York | January 1999

Thanks to longtime contributor Matt Seinberg @ Big Apple Airchecks comes this original recording of Z100! To us, this sounds unremarkable, albeit unmistakable Z100. This larger-than-life station still sounds good on this somewhat fuzzy recording (although the audio quality is pretty good), but there are so many slow songs it’s hard to think of this as the same station which jumped on the grunge bandwagon in the early ’90s. Still, with all the competition in the #1 radio market, it’s a very balanced music presentation that you’ll hear. 1999 commercials, Lisa Taylor and Paul Bryant all intact…

QuickCheck: Z-100 New York – 1st Anniversary

This runs less than 2 minutes, but audio is audio! This was recorded on the 1st anniversary of the launch of New York’s second most important Top 40 station right behind WABC… Z-100! This one was sent in by our great friend Matt Seinberg – Thanks!

Human Newman, WHTZ Z100 New York | May 21, 1993

1993 was an interesting year for pop music. One listen to Z100 and you instantly understand that Alternative Rock was THE hot music in ’93, although while you’d never hear it on this station, Country had exploded onto the national music scene as well. Conspicuously missing on Z100 is anything resembling a beat, except that this is Flashback Friday and the second half of this aircheck is solidly 1980s Pop. This is our first aircheck featuring the jock known as Human Newman, and he fits right into the sound of Z100! Courtesy of

Composite: WHTZ Z100 New York, 1985-1993

From the world’s best Aircheck site, here’s a composite of the greatest hit music station of all time! Sorry kiddies, WABC may have been first and fantastic, but Z100 was and still is the hottest station on the planet. The greatest jingles from Jam, a fantastic Top Hour ID from Ernie Anderson, and personalities like Chio the Hitman, Kid Kelly, the Jammer and MORE! So much has been written about Z100, so many airchecks have been recorded, it would be somewhat pointless to go into the storied history of the station that went from worst to first in it’s very first ratings period. But in 1983, a Beautiful Music station on 100.3, WVNJ, flipped to Contemporary Hit Radio. And the format formerly known as Top 40 was never the same. Courtesy of our friends at

NYC 80s CHR Wars: Kid Kelly on Z-100

Kid Kelly these days is the host of nationally-syndicated “Backtracks USA”, where he produces both an 80s and a separate 90s version of the show, delivered on CD to Hot AC stations nationwide. Its cool. Even more cool, is this recording of Kelly on WHTZ New York! Kid Kelly has so much energy here, and if you’re used to that geeky little voice (Ryan Seacrest wannabe?) voicing Backtracks USA on your favorite Hot AC, this will be an awesome aircheck. Not only does Kelly really COOK on this aircheck, but that scripted, syndicated approach is nowhere to be found and we hear all Kelly and his real talent! This is why Kid Kelly got the host gig. In our opinion, while others may have a more, ahem, ‘professional’ approach, or more humor, none were more exciting and upb...

NYC 80’s CHR Wars: Jojo Morales on WHTZ

Here’s a jock who would be another staple of Z-100 throughout the 90s. Morales is another high-energy personality who would be a ratings leader on this mainstream CHR powerhouse! More from ECA and Robyn Watts!

NYC 80’s CHR Wars: Bill O’Brien on WHTZ

The late 80s and early 90s saw one of the hottest competitions among the hit music stations in New York City history. The last time there were this many stations locked in battle for the top 40 audience was the early 1960s when it was on the AM band between WMGM, WMCA and WABC. But, this was a different era which, from many perspecitves was even more exciting than the first. Enter WHTZ. Licensed to Newark, NJ, this station proudly announces broadcasting from the TOP of the Empire State Building (both then and now), where the actual transmitting antenna is located. Regardless of where the signal eminates from, Z-100 has been the Big Apple’s preeminent contemporary music station since its sign on in 1983. Profiled here by the trademarked East Coast Airchecks service and graciously dona...

Elvis Duran on Z100 New York – March 1994

In the early 90’s, Hit Radio was struggling with what direction to take. Many flipped formats completely, while some went in a Rhythmic direction, and the rest leaned on the surging product of Alternative Rock to fill their playlists. Z100 was one of the leaders of the Alternative leaning CHR movement. But that didn’t mean that they weren’t playing all the hits. In this aircheck, you’ll hear artists as diverse as Guns N Roses, Salt N Pepa, Alice In Chains, Madonna, AC/DC, and David Bowie. You can almost trace the roots of the Jack/Bob Variety Hits format here. Nowadays, Elvis Duran is coming up on a decade as leader of the “Z Morning Zoo”, which is now syndicated to Miami. Here, he was still in his afternoon slot, while promoting the fact that he was goi...

Jo Jo Morales, WHTZ Z100 New York | July 26, 1989

Z100 is celebrating its 6th year as New York’s Number One Hit Music Station, and all sorts of people are congratulating the station including (then) New York Governor Mario Cuomo. We love it when politicians and other celebrities personally voice station liners! This is Z100 in all of it’s glory, playing ALL the hits with an airstaff that reads like a who’s who of blockbuster jocks. Jo Jo Morales sounds great here, but this is no different than any other day on this station. Lightly processed and restored to near perfect condition, here’s a three-plus minute scoped listen to one of America’s finest FM CHR stations ever!

JoJo Morales; Elvis Duran, 100.3 WHTZ “Z100” New York | 1991

“From the top of the Empire State Building…” It really doesn’t get any better than this! Z100 is blazing hot and always had New York’s best talent! Still does, depending upon who you talk to. Again, from Robyn Watts‘ incredible collection and off side two of East Coast Airchecks Tape 84 side B, we get to hear another fabulous aircheck of the FLAMETHROWER, Z100! Once upon a time, back when we were short on aircheck donations back in 2002-2003, we posted a lot of New York city stuff and then backed off, thinking we had over-done the Big Apple. We’re certainly not in that position today, thanks to tons of contributors and hundreds, almost thousands of tapes to pull from now. So it was definitely time to do a new Z100 aircheck. The time is right. Radio...

Jack “Da Whack” Tally, WHTZ Z100 New York | Summer, 1989

Recorded in the Summer of 1989, Jack Da Whack is caught live on Z100! This was sent in on cassette, the first cut from “East Coast Airchecks” #7 contributed by Robyn Watts. Note the high energy level! Z100 was probably the hottest radio station in America by 1989, the station often copied but never quite duplicated. From the imaging to the jingles to the jocks, Z100 cooked!

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