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Little Walter’s Time Machine, WODS Oldies 103.3 Boston | January 31, 1999

Walter DeVenne (January 16, 1948 – January 16, 2021), better known on the radio as “Little Walter” was a fixture of Sunday nights on the old OLDIES 103.3 in Boston.

Larry Glick, 1030 WBZ Boston | Friday June 16, 1972

Advertisements Radio Station: WBZ BOston Frequency: 1030 kHz format: Full service Larry Glick was a legendary talk show host on Boston radio stations from the 1960s, through the 1990s. He was on WMEX, & WHDH,Continue readingLarry Glick, 1030 WBZ Boston | Friday June 16, 1972

Charlie Tuna, 1520 KOMA Oklahoma City | 1966

Advertisements As a young kid in the 1970’s, I would lie in bed at night, with my transistor radio next to my ear, listening to clear channel stations from around the country, like WLS, WWL,Continue readingCharlie Tuna, 1520 KOMA Oklahoma City | 1966

Format Change: Smooth Jazz 96.9 WCDJ Flips to Country WBCS | May 6, 1993 4:00 PM

WBCS came along at a time when the Country Music industry was experiencing a sort of re-birth.

Joe Martelle, Rock & Roll Reunion, 98.5 WROR Boston Pt. 2 | March 17, 1985

It seems like a lifetime ago. Boston Radio was exciting and while the city’s original Oldies station was CHR at this time, Jor Martelle still reigned the king of all Oldies shows… Here was the first reunion!