Paul Robinson, 1380 WLCY St. Petersburg (Tampa) | March, 1967

Swingin’ singin’ platter chatter now, these are the Platters… Complete with reverb and a generous dose of PAMS jingles, Paul Robinson gets listeners through a weekday morning! This station features all the elements of what’s termed “Full-Service”, local radio. There’s big city […]

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Brother Sam & 70s at 7, WTBT Tampa “Thunder 103-5” | August 26, 1999

Here is a rare, unscoped slice of Classic Rocker “Thunder 103.5”, back when it was still on 103.5. At its peak, the station was #1, 25-54 in 2001. 103.5 flipped to Country in 1005. In fact, a short article on Wikipedia says […]

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