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Tom Konard’s “Aircheck Factory” Presents: Jack Elliot, 630 KXOK St. Louis | February 3, 1961

This is a very unique, HD quality aircheck, in that the era this was recorded from, was in between what Top 40 radio started out as, and the two different major styles that became mainstream later on.

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Chuck Buell, HitRadio 103.3 KHTR St. Louis | March 24, 1988

If you enjoy this aircheck, please consider a donation. Please use the PayPal link below this exhibit. Thank you. “I got a special Chuck Buell 100 dollar bill that’s worth $103… Curator’s Notes: For anyone who ever heard Chuck Buell on WLS, […]

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Bill Bailey, 98.1 KSLQ St. Louis | May 13, 1977

Date of Recording: 05.13.1977 Station: 98.1 KSLQ St. Louis (KSTL-FM/KRCH-FM/KSLQ/KYKY) Format: Top 40 Slogan: “KSLQ” Featured Air Personality: Bill Bailey (WWDJ/WLS/WDRQ/KSLQ/WLHT) Contributor: Sandy Bailey Total Time: 12:46 (Telescoped) Airchexx Entry: 1,536 If your sock or stocking falls today, someone is thinking of […]

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The Foxman, HitRadio 103 KHTR St. Louis | 1985

Out of the Robyn Watts collection comes this larger than life listen to KHTR (now Classic Hits KLOU). Talk about tight! As was typical of the power presentation on many of these CBS O&O early CHR stations, KHTR moves along at lightning […]

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Ron Lundy, 1430 WIL St. Louis | January 4, 1963

Date of Recording: January 4, 1963 Station: 1430 WIL St. Louis Featured Air Talent: Ron Lundy (WABC, WIL, WCBS-FM) Comments: Most remember Ron Lundy as the midday personality for most of the top 40 era at New York’s 77 WABC. As the […]

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Composite: 93.7 KCFM St. Louis | 1979

You’ll really love the laid back style of these Soft Rock jocks heard on the not-long-for-this-world ‘CFM FM 94. Reminiscent of both WEEI-FM 103 Boston and KNX-FM Los Angeles around the same time period, this is Mellow Rock – a format that […]

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Composite: WIL-FM St. Louis | 1979

Courtesy of Contributor Bob Buchhauser. Bob Writes: WIL-FM – The only FM Country outlet in the market at the time. 92.3 pulled great ratings with adults 25-54. Consistently in the top 5. Webmaster’s comment: Current Program Director Greg Mozingo was my PD […]

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Composite #2: 1380 KWK St. Louis, 106.5 WWWK Granite City | 1979

As confusing as it is listening to this aircheck next to the ‘standalone’ KWK aircheck recently posted, here’s a good example of how the migration of music stations from AM to FM began. In this case, later in 1979, KWK began simulcasting […]

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Composite: 1600 KATZ St. Louis | 1979

Despite being a R&B station going back to the late 1950s, there’s really not much written history for this 5,000 watt AM station. We do know that the station was known in the 1960s and 70s as “Soul 16”, as evidenced by […]

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Composite: 1380 KWK St. Louis | 1979

1979 was the last year that AM stations thrived on music formats. Especially Top 40. Here’s a station that obviously knew that FM was going to be king and tried to market itself accordingly. It’s on-air monniker at the time was “KWK […]

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