Peter Butler & The Z Morning Zoo, 98.5 KZOU Little Rock | October 23, 1989

california aircheck

Little Rock’s hit music station here is Zoo 98 – officially, 98.5 KZOU. This encompasses a bit of the Z Morning Zoo featuring Peter Butler, and friends… includes News, Sports and the (scoped) hits of the day. The date of this recording is based upon the birthdays noted shortly after the start of this aircheck.

Our keen sense of irony here at airchexx notes that here in Little Rock, the “Zoo” format is made official with the KZOU call letters, while in Boston, their “Zoo” format had already morphed away from the slogan “Zoo” by 1989, and was simply identifying as Z-94 WZOU. Both stations here in Little Rock and in Boston had similar playlists and formatics, and both would soon enough succumb to CHR format burnout that happened as the decade of the 1990s set in.

california aircheck

* Aircheck courtesy of Contributor Robyn Watts
* Source Tape #SM-11 courtesy of California Aircheck


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