QuickCheck: A sample of KQID Q93, Alexandria LA | Sometime 1997

93.3 Alexandria LA KQID Q93

Date of Recording: 1997 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: 93.3 KQID Alexandria, Louisiana, USA
Featured Air Personality: None
Contributor: Annonymous
Original Post Date: 06.03.2009
Airchexx Entry: 879

Original Comments:

Sometimes there’s very little that can be said to describe a particular aircheck. So it is with this brief look at Q93, a CHR station that apparently is still in operation as a hit music station today.

This came to us on an unmarked cassette recorded on Maxell UR tape. Even listening all the way through, the jock doesn’t mention his name, the stopset is all national/brand spots with no identifying material to actually tell us what market… but they do mention Louisiana, and so a search of Q93 Louisiana gave us the call letters at least.

Perhaps someone can identify the jock and this station better. Your comments on this aircheck are greatly appreciated.


  1. Stelly

    My memory of Q93 from this time period is kind of fuzzy, but I believe this particular DJ is “the Boogieman.”

    I remember Q93 sounding pretty dated for its time back in the late 90s, with its gimmick-heavy jocks, 80s-era Jam “Z100” jingles, and the reverb cranked just about as high as it could go. Around 2001 or so, they got a new PD who updated the imaging and eased off the reverb. Today, they sound very fresh for a small market CHR; definitely one of my favorites.

  2. Kahuna

    That is me, voice tracked on overnights. As I did the morning show also, I did not mention my name on the overnight shift, to try to stray from from sounding like I was on for ten hours straight! We had some great ratings persons 18-34 back then. that’s Dude Walker on the sweepers, produced by Mitch Craig.

  3. Ryan

    Could be March or April because the contest ended April 7th, 1997.

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