Tommy C, “Arizona Country” 102.5 KNIX Phoenix | December 20, 1996

102.5 Phoenix KNIX

Date of Recording: 12.20.1996
Station: 102.5 KNIX (KNIX-FM) Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Featured Air Personality: Tommy C
Format: Contemporary Country
Airchexx Entry: 817

Original Comments (05.14.2009)

Showcasing what, in your webmaster’s opinion, was the best year for Country radio in terms of both the music and how the format sounded, here’s Tommy C on Phoenix’s KNIX. I especially like how the jingles sounded that year. In a format where the jingles seem to always have a similar sound no matter what station you listen to, something about this period in time… stations really did try to be unique in sound and thats one thing I remember, having worked in the format for a decade. There was a sense of creativity, here at the height of modern Country’s popularity.

Note the incredible number of spots… KNIX was VERY sold out! Course, one would expect this, just days before the Christmas holiday. One somewhat negative observation is similar to the one I made of the KLUC Las Vegas aircheck, the format hasn’t evolved much past this particular year, other than to become more generic in every market since 1996.

If you’re a Country radio fan, I think you’ll very much enjoy this recording… one where the music and the format were at the very top of its popularity and creativity.

102.5 KNIX Phoenix


  1. I just wanted to say thanks for posting that old air-check from my Kluc days on your site. It was a hoot to listen to. Have a good one.

  2. OMG, I was such a baby wanna be DJ back then. LOL… I was very inspired by Larry Daniels who told me to go be a PD since I loved all things programming. That was so long ago! This job was a dream come true for me. I was sad when it ended. Great staff at KNIX back then. It was the last years that the Owens family owned it. proud to say I worked with them!

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