QuickCheck: J.J. Wright, WXKS-FM Kiss-108 FM Boston | 1990

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Thanks again to Robyn Watts for this four minute flashback to J.J. Wright’s afternoon drive show on Richie Balsbaugh’s ORIGINAL Kiss station (not Clear Channel’s copycats). Wright sounds great on this all-too-short recording. This is from an era of great sweepers and very tasty jingles. Wish there was more…

This tape is from one of many in a long series of “East Coast Airchecks” – a popular subscription aircheck service from that era.

WXKS-FM Kiss-108


  1. Paul Duca

    J.J. is still going strong in Boston…handling afternoon drive at WODS-FM “Oldies 103”–and this aircheck is from early 1993–that’s when “A Whole Ne World” and the remake of “In The Still of the Night” were on the charts.

  2. David

    This is from January 1993…it’s “Baby, baby, baby,” by TLC that gives it away, for me.

  3. Brady

    Great check. Really liked the jingle/liner used to start the music sweep.

  4. Michael Lattime

    J.J. Wright hosted the midday on Kiss 108 – not the afternoon drive. And this is most definitely from very early in 1993 – not 1990!

  5. Darryl

    When I interned at KISS I got to know JJ….a class act guy. He is still kicking it on WODS…as far as I am concerned the new KiSS for those over 35. Keep it up JJ…we’ll be listening…. 🙂

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