Pete Stone, 13 WAVZ New Haven | December, 1974

1300 New Haven WAVZ

Pete SalantRecording Date: 12.xx.1974
Station: 1300 WAVZ New Haven
Format: Top 40
Branded: “The New Waves“; “Lucky 13
Ownership: Kopps-Monahan
Featured Air Personality: Pete Stone (Pete Salant) (WNRW/WAVZ/WFIF/WPOP/WYNY/WELI/WWYZ)
Contributor: Andy Bologovsky
Total Time: 2:41

The New Waves!… I’ll bet there’s many a man out there, doing that tonight. Picking up the Pieces!

Curator’s Notes:

That ‘six degrees of separation’ thing people talk about is present with this aircheck. Pete Salant happens to be one of our Contributors, yet he’s featured here as Pete Stone (Stoner as some of his friends of that time period called him) from a tape given to airchexx by longtime Contributor Andy Bologovsky, while our site was being built out of Millington, Tennessee, all those years ago.

Listen for a long promo about the WAVZ New Year’s Eve Countdown coming up “in a few days”, leading us to believe that this was recorded sometime between December 26 and December 30, 1974. Since we received it with the vague date of just December, 1974, this is all we had to go by.

A word about on-air branding – WAVZ mainly used two slogans on-air to identify itself: “Lucky 13”, from the 1960s, and “The New Waves” from the 1970s. Here, in 1974, BOTH slogans are heard, albeit at different times. Lucky 13 is sung in their jingles, in fact!

This runs less than three minutes, scoped down. It’s a pretty loose scope, too, with all the whirrs and long pieces of music (for a scoped presentation) left intact – and frankly, if I were to edit out the miscellaneous things, this would be closer to just one minute. It came in on Cassette, which was a dub from our Contributor’s master reel. The audio quality is excellent, and sounds just like you are hearing it through an old Delco car radio!


  1. mike hotaling

    I believe it was in the Kopps-Monahan ownership era in mid 70s when WTRY finally overtook 50,000 watt giant WPTR in the overall ratings in the Albany arbitron.

  2. Kops-Monahan ran a tight ship at both WAVZ and WTRY. WTRY and WPTR were both great stations, were hot competitors, and both used PAMS jingles, but each station had its own unique sound. WTRY was faster paced, especially in the ’70s.

  3. Gary Kerns

    What was the song played at the end? I liked this ‘check, short though it was.

    • Norm Thibeault

      That last song, Gary, sounded like Maria Muldaur’s “I’m A Woman”

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