Quincy McCoy on 106 WAXY Miami | Summer 1974

Quincy McCoy on 106 WAXY Miami | Summer 1974


WAXY 106 Miami – Quincy McCoy – Summer 1974

Courtesy: Mike McCann

WAXY was a popular station in the Miami – Ft Lauderdale market.

It was popular as a Top 40 station in the 70s, and later, it was popular playing oldies. WAXY had some pretty big names grace their microphones. Roby Yonge, Rick Shaw, Greg Buell, Mike Reniri, and the voice heard on this aircheck, Quincy McCoy. Quincy was WAXY hip night slammer. Tight, upbeat, and full of energy. Quince eventually moved into radio syndication & today he is in radio management. -Ellis


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  1. Bill

    Didn’t he end up at some point on Y-100?

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