105.7 Augusta WZNY WSCG Rob Collins McEnzie Clark

Rob Collins/McEnzie Clark, 105.7 WZNY “Y105” Augusta, GA | 1997


Here’s a station that holds the airchexx.com record of a station with the most call letters in it’s history. Oh sure, there are undoubtedly other stations in North America which have had more sets of call letters, but none are featured here. Today’s WSCG “G-105.7” is a Country station. It went on the air in 1957, then, as WAUG-FM, and over the years has held the following call letters:
WEKL, WIBL, WLTO, WYMX, WFMG, WSCG and WZNY. And if you want to really get confused, the current station got its start on 102.3 in 1994. So there.

Here’s CHR WZNY “Y-105” when the station leaned to the more Rock-based Modern AC. The station was playing everything from Dishwalla to Jewel to Ce Ce Penniston. Standard late-90s fare and a whole lot more creative than anything on CHR radio today (IMHO). This scope runs just over 5 minutes, begins with Rob Collins and ends with McEnzie(sp?) Clark.

105.7 Augusta WZNY WSCG Rob Collins McEnzie Clark


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