1360 AM Hartford, WDRC, Big D

What New England radio stations come to mind when you think back to the 1960s? Certainly, anyone within the signal contour of New York’s WABC remember, but the big stations in Connecticut and Massachusetts doing Top 40 radio included Boston’s 1510 WMEX, WBZ 1030, and by 1967, WRKO. In Hartford, WPOP on 1410 was in the format, as were other stations in Waterbury, Norwich and New Haven.

The largest station in Hartford in 1965 was also the first radio station put on the air in the state.

Here’s Ron Landry on WDRC AM 1360 from 6/18/65. In 1965, Top 40 radio had screaming jocks and rarely played more than two songs in a row, in fact, if you listen closely you won’t find two records back to back at all. Now, its been said, accurately, that most disc jockeys on Top 40 radio in the 60s and 70s were pushing pimple cream and all things for teens. Certainly that’s true for WDRC as well, as the station is well into it’s “Big D Beatle Derby”, giving away tickets to the Beatles concert at Shea Stadium. But the commercial breaks actually lack much in the way of pimple cream. Heard more than anything are beer commercials, most notably, Nickerbocker Beer with a long jingle (you’ll probably want to sing along!) and even Shaffer Beer. Lots of car dealer spots here too.

What were Nepco Franks?
What did “NOBG in Big D” mean? That’s been bugging me for years!

Contributor Steven Green sent this in a long time ago, so you can see how far backed up we are with aircheck posts. Thanks, Steven!

1360 AM Hartford, WDRC, Big D

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3 thoughts on “Ron Landry, 1360 WDRC Hartford | June 18, 1965”
  1. Ron Landry to afternoon drive @ WBZ Boston by spring 1966.Then to LA to team up with Emperior Hudson as Hudson & Landry.Other jocks on DRC also went on to big things:Jim Nettleton,Long John Wade,Sandy Beach,Dick Robinson.OBG from Big D=Oldie But Goodie from Big D..

  2. was his ‘next stop’ at KRLA? I recall Hudson and Landry in late 60s as I tooled around LA’s freeways in my ’66 Beetle. Enjoyable days of radio back then :))

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