Roy Stingley, 1160 WJJD Chicago | March 13, 1972 – 9:45 to 10:30 AM

1160 Chicago WJJD
1160 WJJD Chicago Transmitter
WJJD Chicago 50 KW Transmitter – Photo courtesy of Radio World

From Contributor Bob Jones here’s a sample of the morning show on 50,000 Watt 1160 WJJD Chicago. This is a remarkably clean recording. There is virtually no electronic noise to disrupt listening. Judging by the level of white noise in the background, this recording may have been made in the suburbs. The fidelity is very good. There is a good range of high and low audio frequencies. Our contributor was concerned with capturing as much of the program as possible, so the two newscasts are telescoped.

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Despite this being a morning show in the city of Chicago, there is only a modest amount of advertising. Listen for car commercials, lots of time checks and weather reports (It’s snowing on this day) and promos. You’ll hear a pretty decent promo for “The Nelson Clark Expedition”, which is the WJJD Afternoon Show. The station is also giving away money as part of a promotion. There’s $92.60 in the jackpot. To win it, you have to know the secret word of the hour when WJJD calls.

Country music airchecks are pretty hard to find. And while this had to be telescoped, you can get the feel for what Country music sounded like in the early 1970s by listening for a few minutes.


  1. Robert

    I did summer fill in in 1969 at WJJD’s sister station WCOP 1150 in Boston. We had the same jingle package as ‘JJD, WJJD was limited time which meant it could stay on until Salt Lake City sunset (L-KSL) we used to be able to hear it late in the day in the Boston area even though it was only 10 kc away from 1150.

  2. Gary Kerns

    At 6:43, Roy Stingley played “Blueberry Hill” by Loretta Lynn, which never charted, but I looked it up at Wikipedia, and had no idea of how many times it was covered. I knew it was widely covered, but still, it surprised me. thanks for this aircheck.

    • Rather amazing, isn’t it? I track a nostalgia station and I’m astonished at the number of songs covered at least half a dozen times by other artists. Songs that actually CHARTED! Fats Domino did the most successful chart hit with Blueberry Hill, but yes. Others did it as well. There’s even a Punk Rock version!

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