Sample: 95.1 WAYV Atlantic City | November 4, 1997

Sample: 95.1 WAYV Atlantic City | November 4, 1997

Scoped down from an original 45 minute cassette side to this 7:52 sample, here’s a look at HotAC/Adult Hits 95.1 WAYV.

The station has a pretty wide playlist here, lots of 80s gold along with the top AC hits of 1997. We don’t know who the jock is, as he never identifies himself, but with only a few talk breaks in this three quarter-hours, one gets the impression that personalities were somewhat discouraged here, deferring to sweepers, jingles and “30 minutes of stopless music” to carry the radio station. Or, it could simply be this was a ‘live’ show done in the middle of the night, as the recording was done from 2:20 to 3:05 AM

Listen closely to the Top of Hour legal ID bed. WAYV is using the JAM Creative Production Z-100 package from 1983 “serving the Universe”, only here it is sung “…serving the Jersey Shore”.

In all, a good sounding radio station which was apparently live during all dayparts. Consolidation’s effects hadn’t hit yet.



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