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Barry Kaye, 610 KILT Houston | 1974

New Contributor John Hale writes,

“…here’s the aircheck Barry Kaye cut at KILT back in ’74 that won him DJ of the year recognition.

And no wonder he won the award. There should be an award category for the most high-energy personality! Compare Barry Kaye to someone like Jack “Your Leeeeeeeeeeeeeder” Armstrong, and you get the picture.

610 Houston KILT

9 thoughts on “Barry Kaye, 610 KILT Houston | 1974

  1. Barry was afternoons at KGB in San Diego for quite a while. He went to KHJ in 1973 to do 6-9 PM but within a week or two, The Real Don Steele walked out and Barry took Steele’s afternoon drive shift.

    Incredibly, Barry’s numbers in the fall ’73 book were three full points higher than the legend he replaced pulled in fall ’72…

    Barry only stayed about a year before moving on to KILT and doing what you hear here.

  2. Thanks very much for this great aircheck. I couldn’t get the smile off my face. Such great memories. Barry Kaye was masterful.

  3. Kaye now works the morning shift at a station
    in Mason, TX.

    I live in Texas and have no idea where it’s located.

    Kaye is great at what he does, but screamers were never my thing.


  4. Crazy Ray Callaway says:

    Listened to Barry back in the late 70’s on KRBE in Houston wanted to be a D J back then because of him. Finally did it years later on a country station kvst k star country now for 20 some years and was able to work with him there, and what fun one day filling in for him, WOW was awesome saying Crazy Ray in for Barry Kay. Great memories listening to his air checks. Still would love to D J at a 70’s top 40 station love that era of music. Miss that voice man.

  5. Listen to the energy. As a jock around the same time, I had energy…but not like this! I can count on one hand the greatest jocks I’ve ever heard and Barry is certainly one of them!!!

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