Sample: Dr. Bop (Hoyt Locke), 1590 WAWA West Allis, Wisconsin

1590 Milwaukee WAWA Dr Bop Hoyt Locke West Allis Wisconsin

Webmaster note: This aircheck came to us in three parts. For the sake of presentation, I combined all three into one single aircheck for your listening enjoyment. – Steve West

Description by Contributor:

These recordings of Dr. Bop are extremely rare and except for your site, I have never found one on any other air check site. Just a little background in case you are unaware, Dr. Bop was a local Milwaukee African-American deejay who was a mainstay on WAWA-AM and FM for many years during the 60’s and 70’s. WAWA was a small local station that was aimed at the black community but became a “cult favorite” of mainstream suburban white kids (like myself) who enjoyed the soul music sound. His real name was Hoyt Locke and he died in 1976.

The Dr. Bop Intro MP3 is basically Bop launching into one of his famous poetic monologues he was famous for. The Dr. Bop Master MP3 file is a long clip from one of his shows during which he was interviewing a black soul group called “The Mark IV” who were appearing at a local black lounge. I know that the songs played during air checks are usually cut out as the focus is on the DJ himself, however I left them unaltered in these files as Bop was famous for his “talking-over” songs while they played.